WhiteBox Testing

White Box Testing

In White Box testing technique we examine the structure and review the code. We need to have a good knowledge of development on that technology for which we are doing White Box Testing. There is no any freeware tool is available to perform it, we need to buy the tools which are very costly. Commonly used tools are given below.

  1. Checkmarx
  2. HP Fortify
  3. IBM Rational Appscan Source
  4. Varacode

All the tools are having the ability to do review for both web and mobile applications.

Advantage of White Box Testing

  • We can remove the existing vulnerabilities at code level.
  • This will improve the skills of developers to do best programming practices.
  • We can show the developer where the vulnerability exist with reason.

 Disadvantage of White Box Testing

  • Available Tools are very costly, normal person can’t buy them due to cost.
  • In depth knowledge of programming language is necessary.