BlackBox Testing

In Black Box Testing we examines the functionality of the application based on the specification. There is no need to have any programming language knowledge. Development team will give us the Stage/Demo link on which the application is hosted, we need to run the tool on that given link. Before starting the testing we need to check that the provided link is only Demo link it’s not a production application link. Please also aware, don’t run any tool on the public application. It can be harmful for that application and the application owner can take a legal action against you.

Commonly used tools to perform Black Box Testing:

  1. HP Web Inspect
  2. IBM Rational Appscan Standard Addition
  3. Accunetix

Advantage of Black Box Testing

  • No need to have any knowledge of programming language.
  • We can show the existing vulnerabilities by giving demo to development team.

Disadvantage of Black Box Testing

  • No any freeware tool is available to perform it, so it can increase you budget.
  • Need to have the knowledge about the tool to perform the testing.