Hacking Tools

This information is available to gain knowledge. Please don’t run any tool on public applications, It can be dangerous. Application can take a legal actions against you. Hacknowledge is not responsible for any damage or any legal action.

Commonly available Tools

  1. Havij v1.15 Advanced SQL Injection
  2. The Mole: Automatic SQL Injection Exploitation Tool
  3. Sqlninja 0.2.6
  4. Ani-Shell
  5. SQL MAP 0.9 
  6. HexorBase – The DataBase Hacker Tool
  7. Net Tools 5.0 (Net Tools 5.x)
  8. DRIL – Domain Reverse IP Lookup Tool
  9. Nmap
  10. Metsploit
  11. Maltego
  12. Owasp ZAP
  13. Hydra